Upcoming events!!  Discover opportunities for our next live workshops, on-line courses and my new course!

Glendale Girl’s Club Professional Development Luncheon – July 11

Ladies!  You’ll take away 7 steps to gain the awareness and habits to take you far on your journey to success and prosperity!  You’ll meet a great group of women committed to professional development and have some fun in the process.  This luncheon is sponsored by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce but is open to the public.

Purchase your ticket here by July 9!

Financially Smart and Savvy Women – May 22

Amy WestbrookJoin this group of women looking to up their financial literacy and transform their financial outlook.  This talk will zero in on the key ingredients needed to prep you on your journey to true prosperity.  Get clear on you goals, values and priorities.  You’ll understand the habits needed to stay consistent and remain conscious with your saving and investment goals.

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Women in Business and Leadership with the Parker Chamber – April 26

Amy WestbrookIf you are looking for a packed, content rich program to up your social media game then this is the program for you!  We’re going to touch on the 8 ingredients that create value and impact.  We’ll discuss what is takes to get an ROI on your efforts so your marketing dollars go further and your business can grow faster.

Tickets will sell out incredibly fast so get your tickets early!  Head to the Parker Chamber to reserve your seat.


Social Media Marketing Essentials – LIVE!  January 26, 2017

If you are like most small business owners, you wear a lot of hats.  You have a limited budget and even less time to spend on your social media marketing.  Overwhelming!

Join me to discover how to focus on the right customer with the right message on the right platform.  Get the tools and tactics that will streamline your efforts and give you professional looking graphics.  You’ll also learn the pitfalls that can quickly turn a customer off and sink your sales.  Get your tickets now!  Check out our early access bonuses!

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COMING SOON! The Mojo Money Club

Yearning for more money and the ability to manage it?  Maybe you’re unsure where to start or you fear making bad decisions about your money so you do nothing.  Ready to start saving, investing and feel the relief of building a solid financial future?  We’ll work together to build the legacy you dreamed of for your family one small step at a time.

With your monthly membership you’ll have access to the tools, lessons, and resources to get your money mojo flowing!  Discover your money story – that’s your love/hate relationship with the green stuff.  Your money mindset is the #1 hurdle to creating, managing and keeping your wealth.  The self-sabotage ends now!  Get the scoop on things like saving for college and retirement in an easy to understand, no guilt atmosphere.  Get priority access to the Money Mojo launch:

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The Balance Formula – A Live Course!

The Balance Formula CourseNo time or energy to enjoy the activities and people you hold dearest?

Banish your burnout and refuel — without neglecting the family or slacking off at work! You’ll learn how with 3 powerful yet, simple steps in my Balance Formula.

This course is delivered LIVE!  Get all the details here and click one of the sign up boxes to get on the wait list for info on the next course!

The Mojo Momma Challenge

How would you like to invest 5 days for 5 exercises to help you feel back in control of your crazy busy schedule?  And no kidding – IT’S FREE!  If life has been coming at you like a fire hose, you’ve probably lost track of your priorities.  And that has us moms saying yes to too much!

REdiscover what makes you tick and truly lights your fire!  You’ll get a daily video and worksheets to get you back in control.  Enjoy your kids, husband, career and life again!  Click here to >  become a momma with mojo!