Money Mojo Formula


Who would benefit from this program?  

Are you a woman who has started her own business or worked her way up the corporate ladder? Maybe you thought your fears, anxiety, and stress around money would disappear as your income increased.  If you feel your lifestyle, stress, and fears around money have only blossomed, this course is PERFECT for you!

This course was specifically designed to walk you through the necessary steps to regain control over your money narrative and give you the know-how and habits to create true prosperity.  As an added bonus, you’ll gain clarity around your personal goals, values, and priorities which will prevent overwhelm and make decision making easier.

Culturally, we’ve been told we shouldn’t discuss money.  Women in particular.  While we typically run the household budget, we have shied away from actively managing our investments.  Too often we have turned the reigns over to our partners – or have joined the “do nothing” camp.  Yet, women control 51% of the wealth in this country…and that number is growing!

What can I expect?

The program consists of three courses.  Each one builds upon the other.  Clients that sign up for one on one coaching will receive a customized version of the courses, depending on her individual needs.

Course 1:  Money Mojo with ease 

This course was specifically designed to cover the basics of money mindset awareness, habits and to help you develop a roadmap to start creating significant changes in your life.  This course uncovers subconscious beliefs that control our thoughts, feeling, and patterns with money.  Create healthier money mindset and money savvy habits.  I’ll guide you through the exercises and you will have additional support in our Facebook Community in between sessions.  The course has 6 sessions delivered on a live webinar over 6 weekly sessions.

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course 2:  Money Mojo Multiplied!  

Discover strategies to expand your money mindset, set bigger goals, and get real results in managing your money.  You’ll dive deeper into your relationship with money.  This course is delivered in 12 sessions over a 3-month span.  You’ll receive continuous support in our Facebook community as well as private email support.  This course is unique, as you will receive personal one on one coaching during the course.  We’ll customize the coursework to align with your specific needs, goals, lifestyle and personal money story.

course 3: money Mojo Mastery!

This course covers in detail all the key components of the Money Mojo Formula.  When you started your journey you might have said “NO WAY!” to the skills you’ll learn.  Well, “Yes, way!”  You are ready now.  You’re going to take your roadmap and newfound clarity around money and put it to work!  Plan to take control and take action with your money like a total BOSS!  This course will give you the knowledge and skills that have scared you away from taking total control over your money, your spending and investments.  We’ll cover the tactics that will have your money working hard for you, putting systems on autopilot and ensuring you reach your greatest financial goals.

Frequently asked questions:

Why professionals? My desire is to help people that were like myself…working, often the breadwinners, while also managing the responsibilities at home.  It’s a different skill set than what stay at home moms bring to the table.  There are coaches that specialize in working with the stay at home.

Why women?  I have nothing against working with men.  I have worked with male clients.  However, I have a deep understanding of what it means to be a woman moving up the corporate ladder and being a working mom.  Working moms juggle a unique set of balls- client drama, sick kid emergencies, managing a busy travel schedule, managing a household, workplace drama…  I speak working mom language, but I do NOT exclude men, stay at home moms or ladies without kids. I just speak in my working mom language.  When I am upfront about this, people are not offended when my examples focus on this group of women.

Do you manage my assets for me?  No!  I enjoy helping women discover their tolerance for risk, explain how investments work to reduce the fear they have around the process, and how to track your progress.  Investment products or agreements to manage your investment portfolio will NOT be pitched to you during any of these courses.  I can help you evaluate someone that offers these services so we find your best fit.  ( Once you understand the process, you’ll find you may not be as dependent on this service as you once thought!)