money Workshops: Building the mindset for wealth

Meet the challenge of investing in your employees to grow their results and your business!  These signature workshops are designed to eliminate the mental roadblocks that have employees feeling stuck, making slow or poor decisions, thinking small, and setting low (i.e. safe) goals.  It all begins with mindset!  As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  Neuroscientific studies have proven that our beliefs dictate our thoughts which in turn create action.  Master this process and you master your results!  We’ll put this new mindset into actions and create the stretch goals and milestones to keep the momentum post workshop.

money workshops

On or offsite (retreats)2-8 Hour time blocks | workbooks available | customizable

Current money Workshop Options:

  • Finding your WHY Behind your Wealth – Create your definition of true abundance. Learn the process to tap consistent motivation to keep your energy high and distraction low.   Stay focused on what matters and create wealth that encompasses whole-life success.
  • Money Roadblocks – Have you hit a ceiling with your income? Discover your triggers and untapped potential to recharge your money mindset for greater success without the emotional and mental baggage!
  • New Money, Old Mindset – Did you just have your best financial year…and you still feel anxiety around money? Understand your belief patterns and create a new money story that welcomes your new levels of success and wealth without the guilt or fear.
  • Wealth Without the Overwhelm – Have you ended a day where you felt busy but not productive?  You are not alone!   Many people are working themselves to exhaustion and have lost their perspective and vision on the end game.  Reconnect with your wealth goals and align them with your values and priorities to feel more connected to your work, create balance, and eliminate the distractions that lead to overwhelm.