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One on One Coaching coaching options

Together we’ll create wealth without the overwhelm by focusing in three key areas:  Awareness, Mindset and Momentum. see more info

  • Gain clarity on your goals and priorities.  Is your spending aligned with the things that bring you true fulfillment?
  • Create your financial road map.  What will it cost to have the things you want?  What does your finish line look like?
  • Discover the subconscious beliefs and habits that have limited your success and sabotaged your financial goals.  Work through any fears and chatter that hold you back.
  • Get a clear picture of where you stand financially.  Get conscious with your spending and saving without any judgement.
  • Learn the skills to manage your money and invest with confidence.
  • Get the tips, habits and systems in place to leverage your money and time.
  • Learn to manage your stress to stay on top of your game for the long haul.

Corporate Workshops

Provide your team with opportunities for personal development to grow your pipeline of leaders as well as your bottom line.  These workshops are designed to eliminate the mental roadblocks that have employees feeling stuck, making slow or poor decisions, thinking small, and setting low (i.e. safe) goals.  see more info

  • Discover limiting beliefs around success and money that limit potential
  • Break through the income ceiling plaguing long-term growth
  • Discuss master level goal setting techniques
  • Develops team members’ Motivational Foundation for more consistent results
  • Participants leave with a strategic plan to achieve goals with measurable milestones
  • Aligns resources and strengths to leverage employee potential
  • Create a system to keep on track with goal progress
  • Follow up meeting with team members to answer questions and adjust plans

Optional Affiliated Resources

  • TTI Success Insight Assessments
  • StrengthFinder Assessment
  • Recommended Resources and Reading Material
  • Workbooks for participants in workshops