Meet Amy

…your Money Mojo Coach

Amy WestbrookOn paper, I am a professionally certified coach, speaker and facilitator.  In my heart, I am here to serve you along your path to success – during your journey and celebrating your results.  As the founder of the Money Mojo Formula, I coach professional women about making, managing and investing their money without losing themselves in the process.  I’ve identified the formula for real wealth – the kind that offers security and freedom – and offer step by step guidance to help you get there.  I am also the Money Coach for Capital One here in Colorado.


Choose a coach who’s successfully made the journey.

Yes, I started from zero.  (Actually less than zero if you consider the debt I had leaving grad school!)  But today, I personally manage my net income of over 1.6 million dollars.  I am forthcoming about this since I see a lot of “money coaches” out there that have only mastered one “ingredient” of the wealth formula. When it comes to trusting a coach to guide you, your money and your dreams, you want someone with the skills and track record of growing their money.

I have been through it all.  The ups and downs of the stock market, the housing collapse, and leaving the “safety” of my corporate career to venture out on my own.  I have also successfully saved and invested my money through 401ks, 529s, Roth and traditional IRAs, real estate, and growing a business. 

As an added bonus, my 18 year career in Pharma focused on the neuroscience sector.  That means I understand how the brain forms thoughts, makes decisions, and develops the habits and belief systems that guide our actions.

My Credentials

If you are curious about the initials behind my name, or insight into my coaching philosophy, click here.  (Hint:  Accountability – YES!  Drill Sargent – heck NO!)

“I never joke about money” (stole that line from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman).  But here are 7 offbeat reasons to work with me!


  • I’ve walked 18 miles in your heels, well, 18 years in corporate.  I know what it’s like to be a mom, have a full-time, demanding career, taking on all the home chores while trying to hold onto some semblance of life with friends.  I’ve dealt with idiots, bigots, and mean girls. 
  • I’m a full-fledged, card-carrying nerd who LOVES to read books on neuroscience, finance and other “juicy” topics. Consider me your own personal version of Cliffs Notes for the Book of Life.
  • Being a Texan and a Taurus, I’m stubborn as a mule. I have enough get up and go for the both of us, which is important when you’re feeling stuck in your rut or just dead tired.  No woman left behind! 
  • I have this uncanny, Matrix-like ability to see the big picture. So, when you’re down in the trees, I can help you see the whole forest.  You want a coach that can read between the lines and HEAR what you aren’t saying.
  • I’m very visual so I can draw on metaphors to help you explore and discuss the difficult topics. I find it can help inject a little humor in to the coaching as well.  And sometimes, don’t you just need a laugh?!
  • I’ve spent years crafting an entire arsenal of tools and resources to help you (re)discover your passions and purpose. Also, I connect traditional science with eastern healing traditions like mindfulness and meditation (without trading your high heels for Birkenstock’s). 
  • I’m strategist at heart and would love to help you plot the goals that will fuel your soul.  Leave this world saying “WOW, I killed it!  What a life – and – not a single regret!”

Black heart with ornage flamesIf you are ready to put the mojo back in your relationship with your money, manage your stress, and get your fire back give me a call.  Let’s see if we are a good fit for your journey to “Wow, I killed it!”


My Journey

I have had quite the ride!  Maybe you can relate to my story?  Check it out here!