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Gain the confidence, control and security with your money to unlock your potential for a happier, richer life. Regardless of your past, your lack of knowledge, your fears, your shame or is the time to take control of your money with the mindset, habits and skills for real prosperity. Everyone has the power to put the MOJO back in her relationship with money!


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  • I was retired and looking to start a new career. However, I had not gotten past just thinking (and perhaps wishing) about it. Amy helped me gain clarity about what I wanted and the confidence to move forward.  I tell people that I feel more alive than perhaps I ever have.   Amy challenged me to think about who I am as well as about what I do. I always felt charged after our coaching calls. She was so encouraging throughout and never lost faith in me.  I refer to her coaching style as “compassionate kick ass” and it works! Thanks Amy!!

    -Rick C.

    - Compassionate Kickass

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Implement these Two Valuable Life Lessons from an Oldie but Goody

Implement these Two Valuable Life Lessons from an Oldie but Goody

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I recently noticed two major life lessons playing out in Gone with the Wind, which I hadn’t watched in over 15 years.  With so many juicy scenes, I was reminded why its a classic.  And funny how you interpret things differently over time and with experience.  My older self enjoyed it on a whole new […]


Finally, an all-in-one program to develop the mindset, habits, and financial skills to earn, save & invest your money with clarity, confidence, and control!  Lose your money stress so you can enjoy your life and lifestyle with comprehensive step by step guidance from a certified coach.  Find out more!

money coachI am also a Money Coach for Capital One and do coaching at the Capital One Cafe in Union Station LoDo. It is a lovely, low-stress environment where you can receive up to three free sessions of money coaching. For those of you in the Denver Metro area, I’d love to have you schedule your first session with me!   To learn more and get your first session on the books, go to  Capital One also offers free workshops.



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